Women Of Impact:  Shelbi Spicer, Money Coach



Women Of Impact:  Shelbi Spicer, Money Coach

Photo Credit Shelbi Spicer

Photo by Shelbi Spicer

Shelbi Spicer, a licensed financial professional, worked in the financial industry for seven years and eventually ran her office own in Los Angeles, CA.  She specialized in minimizing taxes in retirement and showing families how to leave generational wealth.

“I’ve been in the industry since 2015 as a broker and opened up my own company at the start of 2021 with financial education and courses for women.”  Shelbi shares about her financial experience.

As the founder of Spice’n Up Your Finances, a financial literacy company, her mission is to help women earn more money, invest more, and become more empowered.  Her company covers every aspect of the financial knowledge:  money mindset, and the technical side of how to make your money work for itself.

Having gone through a life altering event leading her to open her own business, Shelbi is an advocate for empowering women through taking control of their own finances, especially single moms.  She went through her own financial hardship—losing everything and hitting rock bottom.  She had to apply everything she learned to get back on her feet.  And she did so through hard work, persistence, and inspiration drawn from her family, especially her son.  She shares that the secret to mastering your financials is a focused money mindset involving 80% behavior and 20% knowledge.  

“You, as a woman, hold more power than you think.  If a woman gets educated about money and learns how to make money work for her, she will teach the next generation.  You have the power to cause a ripple effect financially through generations,” said Shelbi.

On April 11, she is launching Wealthy Women Academy, a seven-week bootcamp style course on building a strong financial foundation, and managing your money, tailored specifically to your financial situation.  Her course offers a deep dive into your money story—knowing where you are, where you want to be financially, and imparting your knowledge to the next generation.  Financially empowered women make more of an impact through imparting their knowledge, giving back to their communities, and giving to causes.  In general, they make better investors overall.

Shelbi Spicer

Photo by Shelbi Spicer

Shelbi’s advice to women:  “Invest in yourself.  We, as women, need to learn that investing into ourselves will give 100% returns—no doubt.” 

She is currently developing a program to starting teaching money and finances to kids.  Giving your children a strong foundation and understanding about money allows them to be successful in the future.  It all goes back to sharing knowledge and preparing the next generation for a better financial future.