Women of Impact:  Claudia Chaverra, Owner of Your CBD Store in Northridge

Women of Impact:  Claudia Chaverra, Owner of Your CBD Store in Northridge

Claudia Chaverra

It started out as a fun, ladies’ night out in Las Vegas—just a group of friends having a blast at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.  What started out an awesome evening turned into tragic mass shooting.  Claudia Chaverra was one of the survivors of that night.

“After surviving the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in Las Vegas back in 2017, I developed PTSD. I went through several failed attempts in trying to cope, all while using daily antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills. With every different prescription, the doctor would give me in hopes of finding the “right one,” I found myself feeling sick to my stomach, constantly sleepy and a shell of a person; neither happy nor sad, just meh. It was heartbreaking because I couldn’t function as a mother, wife or in my daily life altogether,” Claudia reminisces about her life-altering experience.

 It wasn’t until a year after when her friend Lauren, another survivor of that fateful night, introduced her to CBD.  She (Lauren) received a bottle from Rachel Quinn, the founder of Your CBD Store.  Because of the stigma surrounding CBD, Claudia was skeptical about trying it but after doing her research, she decided to give it a shot.  She started taking it and instantly felt like her old self again!

In 2018, Claudia was given the opportunity to open her own CBD store in Northridge, right about the same time the Border Bar and Grill mass shooting happened in Thousand Oaks.  Knowing what the survivors of that night were going through, she decided to open the store.

“I had nothing to think about; I knew exactly what I needed and wanted to do.  I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to live out my life’s purpose – to help people through CBD!  Truth is, I’m in the people business.  I love helping people!” 

Since opening her store, Claudia dedicated herself to educating the community about CBD and its benefits.  She is an active member of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, organizing events for the community.  She’s been a vendor and an educator of many events in the San Fernando Valley from the San Fernando Outdoor Market to the 818 POP-UP events.  Last year, her store was named the Best CBD Store in the San Fernando Valley by the Daily News Readers Best Choice.


“I got a new perspective in life altogether.  I was faced with my own mortality and human fragility; life is short, and every day is a gift.  I have found a new appreciation for the little things that feed my soul with joy and happiness,” shares Claudia about her perspective on life.

On April 23rd, she will be hosting her first community event at her store, showcasing local businesses for a health and wellness day.

Email them at northridgeca@cbdrx4u.com or visit their website! Follow them on Instagram @cbdstorenorthridge, Facebook @YourCBDStoreNorthridgeCA, and Twitter @cbdnorthridge.