Women of Impact

Women of Impact: Alexis Lopez

Photo by Alexis Lopez

For Alexis Lopez, music played an integral part in her life.  Being brought up in a very musical family, she started playing the piano at age 6.  But her parents’ love for music—her dad always playing the piano, and her mom constantly singing–ingrained melodies in her even before she started playing.  At age 17, she decided to audition for the first season of American Idol (2002), became the judges’ wildcard choice in the semi-final round and eventually made it as a finalist in the Top 11.

After this experience, she dedicated her life to music, studying at the (and graduating from) Musicians Institute in Los Angeles while working full-time in a recording studio as a vocal producer.

“It was my first audition ever, and I made it to the Top 11 finalists!  I found that music has helped my life in so many ways and I wanted to share that gift with others.  I found how much I absolutely loved teaching music and started our own music school,” Alexis comments about her experiences in music.

Music provided an outlet and a purpose for Alexis who wanted to give back to her community.  In August 2016, Alexis and her partner, Andreas Farmakalidis, opened California Music Box, a multi-purpose music facility, serving as a stage, music studio, and music education facility in Northridge, CA.  Students of all ages, levels, and styles have walked through the doors of their school.  They are the only music school in the San Fernando Valley accredited through the University of London.

A public music advocate for the benefit of music and music education, she is an active participant in the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce (NVRCC), especially the Education Connection committee.  She volunteers her time and musical talent at dozens of local schools, mentoring the youth through music.  She was recently awarded the United Chambers of Commerce Award for her continuous support and advocacy towards music education.

“I love seeing our students grow and build relationships through music! Because music is universally enjoyable it brings people of all ages together. Music students build relationships with their music teachers and with each other. That is why we host monthly jam sessions, which inspire confidence and encourage families to do music together.  Seeing our students perform in public is a reward by itself. Because we value music education, we make point to be a public music advocate regarding the benefits of music and music education.”

Photo by Alexis Lopez