Women of Impact: Alexandra and Daniela Del Gaudio


Women of Impact: Alexandra and Daniela Del Gaudio

Their dream was a decade in the making.  Being daughters of immigrants, sisters Alexandra and Daniela Del Gaudio watched family and friends struggle to make ends meet and work themselves to the bone to provide for their families.  They saw their community succumb to illnesses from cancer to chronic disease to mental illness because self-care was not a priority, but neither was there a space for them to just breathe and take care of themselves.  Being a part of this community meant a lot to Alex and Daniela.  

“This is our people; this is where we’re from. My grandparents came, they were Italian immigrants and they set up a deli market.  It’s where my parents met. My mom went there for a part time job, met my dad, fell in love, had seven kids, and raised us all there. It’s one of those American dreams that we don’t get to see often anymore, but my grandparents were able to do it,” said Daniela.

The sisters wanted to provide their community with a space to heal and breathe after watching many suffer from stress, anxiety, and mental and physical fatigue.

“Daniela and I made a promise to each other that one day we would create a wellness center for our community – a place where ALL people of ALL backgrounds and abilities were welcomed with open arms. The mission of our center would be making a path of healing and wellness accessible to ALL PEOPLE, and no one would be turned away. The Wild Plum was born that night in our hearts – though we had NO IDEA how we would make it happen!”  Alexandra shares on their website.

After nearly ten years of working long hours at multiple jobs and saving up for their dream venture, the del Gaudio sisters opened the doors to The Wild Plum – Holistic Spa and Yoga Center in the Spring of 2018, providing their community with the much-needed space to find some inner peace from the daily grind.  They built their business without contractors or investors, but the biggest accomplishment was launching without having to take out a loan.  The studio was a reality built with the help of family and friends who wanted to see Alex and Daniela’s dreams come true.  Located in the city of San Fernando, The Wild Plum provides yoga classes, spa and beauty services, reiki classes, and wellness events and workshops.  The pricing for their services is tailored to their neighborhood and community, offering community and donation-based classes as well as scholarships for yoga.

The Wild Plum provided a sanctuary for their community.  Unfortunately, like many small businesses, it had to close temporarily due to the pandemic. The sisters had to pivot, readjusting, and reprioritizing their lives to keep up with the studio’s rent.  They struggled and had to take out a loan just to make ends meet.

Alex and DanielaPhoto By The Wild Plum

“We have each other and have to try to figure out a way to make it work and save it,” Daniela said.

Family and the love for community are the biggest motivators for these sisters, who fought tooth and nail to keep their sanctuary open.  Thankfully, with mandates lifting and people able to go back into the studio, the sisters can once again provide the wellness services their neighborhood needs.

Visit their website, wildplumwellness.com to book a yoga class or two or even partake in their spa services. Follow them in Instagram and Facebook  @wildplumwellness!