Manage Your Digital Presence

Manage Your Digital Presence

Website management is the continuous process of keeping your site current and secure. It is our policy and advice to clients that a dedicated team member should be checking daily for software updates, paid advertising results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives and results as well as overall site analytics. Here we have gathered some basic ways to monitor and maintain your digital presence. 

One of the most common reasons a website stops working is due to software updates not being properly addressed. Every website on the internet is “hosted” on a live platform. For example, we use WordPress. These platforms are constantly being updated to better serve internet users around the world. If an update is made and a site does not properly adjust, it will crash. Updates like this can be made daily, sometimes more than once per day. This is why it is imperative that every site be monitored by a professional.

Those of us that have run a paid campaign know that every minute counts! If what you publish is not achieving what you had hoped, being able to adjust your strategy quickly can make the difference between a successful campaign and a learning experience. Having a web manager gives you the insight to make those decisions and the control to follow through before you spend your entire budget on an underperforming ad.

If you follow our Instagram @CoweOfficial, you may have seen our recent Reel, “What is SEO?”. In simple terms, it is the best (free) way to generate long-term visibility for a website. The catch here is that in order to properly execute this strategy, you need to constantly be working on it. This means a web manager, designer, and writer are all working together on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to generate new, keyword-rich content that will support the site’s rankings and target the right audience. The older the content, no matter how valuable, the lower it will rank.

All of the above strategies would be impossible without consistently reviewing and deciphering analytics. Taking the time to review what has been completed, what is working, and what others are doing is a huge and essential part of any successful strategy. Understanding analytics and their implications can be quite overwhelming though, especially when you are burnt out from running a business! A professional webmaster will review your analytics on a regular basis and be able to immediately identify areas of improvement or concern. With this knowledge, you have the power to make the appropriate decisions to grow the way you want.

These daily processes are just a taste of what it is like to manage a website. Although this job is often filled by a single person, the most successful sites are the result of a team effort all the way from inception to launch and beyond. Captivating an audience with unique designs, gaining their trust with high-value content, and converting them to clients with a perfected funnel often takes a village. If you are looking for your village, reach out to the Cowe Crew today!