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Succeed with Six Summer Secrets

to Social Media Marketing


When you don’t know what you’re doing, social media marketing can be an enormous time suck. This is an ever-changing and evolving arena, however, with these tools and tips that we’ve compiled just for you, you’re going to be the hottest star on social this summer!


Surf the Season

If you watch closely, social media can do the work for you. Pay attention to trends, times of year, holidays, and upcoming events for opportunities to gain attention and grow your following with ease. You can talk about things that relate directly to your business or you can get creative and find unique ways to get your brand seen by an audience that might not otherwise have encountered you.


Storytelling vs. Sales

Often times selling on social media can fall flat. Social media is for telling the behind the scenes story of our lives. Switching your focus from making a “sale” to telling a relatable story opens the doorway to building trust and inspiring support. Sharing posts and stories will give you the unique ability to put the viewer in your shoes, distributed in two very different ways. The exciting possibilities are endless!

Pro Tip: Develop a set of categories that help you segment and niche your content.


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Stickers are for Stars

 As we’re sure you are aware, Instagram Stories have become increasingly popular and are now the most consumed form of social media. As a business, using stickers in Stories can help increase engagement and build your brand awareness whether you’re using designed graphics, in the moment images, or videos. Target does this flawlessly with current, stylish, user-friendly Stories aimed at getting your attention and then getting you through their doors!

Pro Tip: You can create a brand account on Giphy and upload branded GIF’s for your fans to use!

Secure Subscriptions

If you do not have an email marketing list you need to start one TODAY! Having an email marketing campaign can increase sales exponentially with the various opportunities it allows you to connect with your target audience. Add a sign-up link to your website, social media pages, and anywhere else people will find your content. Share your contact information frequently so people know how to get in touch with you. It’s all about timing!

Pro Tip: Make yourself easy to find by simplifying and streamlining your handles across channels.


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Supply Substance

Before you can expect people to pay you, you first have to prove to them that you’re worth it. Show them you are the expert you claim to be through the content you share. Different types of content can include anything from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts to a full-on blog post or article. Cowe Consulting stands on pillars of education and inspiration and we work to focus all of our efforts to support those initiatives. What makes you an expert?


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Spread Sunshine

Whether you’re a global conglomerate or a small business in your local community, adding a philanthropic element to your social presence helps spread your mission and involve more people. This raises brand awareness and leaves your audience feeling warm and fuzzy. This type of engagement will then inspire more encounters with your brand.

Now you know a few secrets that will help you on your road to social success. Interested in a more personalized social plan? Give Cowe a call!