Small Business Saturday


Small Business Big Impact - We Support Small Business


How is it possible that Thanksgiving is this Thursday?! And don’t even get me started on how the decade is coming to an end in a monthish. Time is not only flying faster than I can keep up with but I am also certain that it is openly mocking me as it passes by. Having said that, the gift of Thanksgiving is that it gives us a moment to pause and thoughtfully reflect on what we are grateful for. Small Business Saturday is happening this Saturday and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you reading this that all of us at Cowe Consulting are very grateful for every single small business in operation today. Our love for entrepreneurs, small business owners and artisan dreamers runs really, really deep.

Let’s talk small business statistics for a moment:

  • In the U.S. there are over 30 million small businesses
  • Of those 30 million, 12.3 million are women owned
  • Women of color own 47% of all women owned businesses
  • 2.5 million US business owners are veterans
  • Every month over 500,000 new businesses are started
  • 50% of US small businesses are run from home 
  • 89% of all small businesses work weekends 
  • 56% of small businesses think talent is their biggest problem 
  • Most small business owners don’t have a college degree  
  • The #1 reason that people start their small business is because they want to be their own boss
  • ⅓ of all businesses will survive at least ten years

These stats are only the tip of the small business iceberg. The individual impact that every small business has upon its neighborhood, city and state is absolutely astounding. Then, when you consider that impact collectively, it is bound to blow your mind. 

Supporting small businesses during the holiday season is not just a feel good act – your community depends on it. Did you know that approximately 67 Cents of Every Dollar Spent at a Small Business Remains in the Local Community? Shopping small creates local jobs, promotes innovation and allows for business owners to achieve individual financial success. 

Small businesses are the gemstones of our cities and it is on all of us to mine those establishments. Because I live, love and labor in the great city of Los Angeles, I was inspired to build a list of MUST visit small businesses here. It is my deepest hope that a portion of your holiday gifts and giftcards will be acquired from some of these small businesses this year and should you do so, know that there will be a long list of grateful people whose dreams you made come true.