Sending out an S.O.S! When to Hire a Communications Firm

Effective communication is crucial for success—no matter what industry you’re in, especially in today’s highly competitive business world. Whether it is reaching out to clients, customers, employees, stakeholders, or the public in general, the way you communicate can affect both your reputation and your bottom line. As an entrepreneur, you must know when to work with an in-house team and when to hire a communications firm to help with messaging, brand development, and overall image.

Communications agencies are often confused with public relations (PR) agencies. While there is some overlap between them, there are some key differences between the two. A communications agency provides a broad range of services related to communication strategy, branding and brand development, and messaging. This includes developing overall communication plans, creating marketing material, social media management, copywriting and editing, and handling internal communications. It also specializes in specific areas such as digital marketing, event management, and crisis communication.

On the other hand, a PR agency focuses on managing a company’s or organization’s relationship with the media and the public. They help their clients build and maintain relationships with journalists, influencers, and key players in their respective industries. They also develop media strategies, create press releases, and handle crisis communication, as well as provide media training and reputation management. 

As a business owner, the biggest difference between the two is YOUR communication needs. If you need help with media and public image, then a PR agency is what you’re looking for. But, if your needs go beyond that, then a communications firm fits the bill. But remember, take your time searching for the communications agency that best suits you and your company. You want to hire an agency that aligns with your mission and vision and who can help you accomplish your goals.

When to Hire a Communications Firm

Hiring a communications agency is an investment in time and talent. At times, your business may not have the bandwidth to handle both external and internal messaging. This is when you call in the experts! There are a few reasons why hiring a communications firm is beneficial in the long run and they fall into these categories:

  • INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS: A communications agency can help develop a strategic and comprehensive plan to increase your visibility. They can help you identify the right channels—from media outlets to relevant communities—to reach and grow your target audience, develop media materials, and pitch your story to the press.  In addition, they can help you create relevant content as well as increase your efforts to best position you front and center. They’ll create a social media plan and utilize collaborations with other businesses.

  • UPCOMING EVENT, LAUNCH, OR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Bringing in a communications firm to manage major events at your company is not only essential to getting the word out but also, spares you from using your in-house team who may already have a lot on their plates. Event management takes weeks and even months of planning, organizing, and execution.  A communications company can create a strategy around a compelling message to your target audience. They can also create a launch strategy that maximizes the impact of your brand or business.

  • REBRAND/REPOSITIONING YOUR BUSINESS/BRAND: Every business or brand goes through the process of rebranding and repositioning their brand to increase their audience, their impact, and even their revenue. A communications agency can help navigate through this transition. They can assist with creating a new brand identity, developing a messaging strategy that reflects your new direction, and communicating the changes to your stakeholders.

  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT: When facing a crisis, such as a negative news story, a mishap in messaging, or even a product recall, a quick and effective response is vital in enforcing some damage control. A communications agency can help you manage the crisis, develop a communication plan, and ensure that your message is communicated clearly and consistently across all channels.

  • ESTABLISH A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE: In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is critical for businesses. Hiring a communications agency can help you create a digital strategy that includes social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and compelling content creation. They can also monitor and respond to online conversations on your social platforms as well as analyze data. They can use data analytics tools to track website traffic, social media engagement and reach, and other metrics to gauge the success of your online presence.


Hiring a communications agency is a smart investment for businesses, organizations, and brands looking to strengthen their communication efforts. Whether you are rebranding, launching a new product or service, or simply looking to increase your visibility, a communications agency can help you achieve your goals utilizing their arsenal of expertise.

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