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Great public relations is an art. When done right, the results are sensational and far more impactful than many other forms of advertising. However when publicity is done wrong, the negative consequences can be stressful and lasting.

Expertise, energy and an exceptional network are the necessary components of an outstanding public relations campaign, and that’s exactly what you get when you partner with Cowe Communications.


Phases of a public relations campaign

Phase 1: Research

This is where the Cowe Communications team identifies the “why” of the project. We always begin a project by determining the end game and working backwards from there.

On a typical project, in order to determine the campaign’s objectives we will analyze:

  • Short and Long-Term Goals
  • Previous Campaigns
  • Social Presence
  • Industry Competition
  • Cost Allocation
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Network Prospects

Phase 2: Planning

If the objectives of a PR campaign are its “why”, then the messaging is its “what”.

To be successful, the messaging needs to consist of the 5 C’s:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Credible
  • Compelling
  • Catchy


Phase 3: Implementation


Everyone is capable of analyzing and planning but the truly successful communications firms take action and produce results.

Because the Cowe Communications team efficiently handles phases 1 and 2, this allows us to do what we do best for phase 3: educate and inspire our global network.

Utilizing a myriad of resources at our disposal, we connect with the best and brightest in every industry in order to fully realize and fulfil our clients objectives.

Phase 4: Evaluation


Data talks. To ensure that the right message was delivered to the right people at the right time and evoked activity, we analyze the entirety of the campaign from concept to completion.

Were all objectives achieved? Was the messaging effective? Was action taken and were goals achieved?

The Cowe Communications team has access to and utilizes powerful research and analytics reporting tools that transparently show the breakdown and final results for every campaign.


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Miri and her outstanding team truly know their stuff. They are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their business and add equity to their brand. And unlike most of their competitors, they’re experts at delicately, yet firmly holding their clients accountable so they and they’re brand can be the best version of itself.

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