Our Planet Means the World to Everyone



Our Planet Means the World to Everyone


This year’s Earth Day 2022 calls on us to “invest in our planet”.  There are indeed many ways we are called to action:  from reducing our own carbon footprints through recycling or volunteering for beach clean-ups.  There is no action too small to affect positive change our planet absolutely needs.  Now is the moment to take action to preserve and protect our world.

There are many organizations and communities devoted to protecting our environment and leading the charge towards a more sustainable future.  Here are some organizations you may choose to support through either donating your time or resources.


Founded in 2015 by Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, 4Ocean tackles the problem of the ocean plastic crisis and its negative impact on coastal communities and on marine life.  Their clean-up crews, comprised of boat captains and fisherman in affected coastal communities, recover plastic and other harmful debris from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines.  Materials recovered from the ocean are used to develop sustainable and reusable products to raise awareness for the plastic crisis, fund clean up operations, and encourage individuals to end single use plastic.

One Earth

As a philanthropic organization, One Earth works to accelerate collective action to limit the 1.5°C global rise in temperature through three actions:  energy transition, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture.  The organization tackles the interconnected issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, and food security through science, philanthropy, and community-led actions.  They offer many programs and opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer and help implement change.

The Nature Conservancy

Formed in the 1900s, The Nature Conservancy is a collaboration between leading scientists, dedicated leaders, and committed citizens to protect and care for nature.  They continue to tackle the interconnected crises of rapid climate change and biodiversity loss with an approach honed by decades of learning and research.  Their focus is on conserving our oceans and lands and reducing CO2 emissions.

Seabin Project

The Seabin project stemmed from the idea of “if there was rubbish buns on land, why not in the water?”.   In 2013, dismayed by how human over-consumption and waste mismanagement was affecting the ocean, co-founders Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski created the “Seabin” to collect trash, oil, fuel, and detergents.  They used marinas, ports, and yacht clubs as the starting point for their project.  After almost a decade of operation, the Seabin project extended its reach globally and evolved into a comprehensive research, technology, and educational initiative.

Tree People

As one of the largest environmental movements in Southern California, Tree People aims to “inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun, and sustainable.”  The organization encourages communities to take charge of their neighborhoods and take responsibility for creating more green spaces.  They reforest, create green schoolyards, donate fruit trees, and design solutions to capture rainwater and combat drought.

Sea Trees

Sea Trees, a project of Sustainable Surf, aims to protect and restore ocean health through planting mangroves, restoring kelp forests, and watersheds.  They encourage individual and community involvement through partnering with environmentally conscious brands and supporting their cause through purchases and donations.  

Sea Legacy

SeaLegacy harnesses the power of visual and digital story telling to tell the story of the world’s oceans.  The organization accomplishes their mission through expeditions with the world’s best photographers and filmmakers to capture the beauty of the ocean and the threats beneath the surface.  They also lead global campaigns to inspire and encourage action towards lasting and sustainable changes.

By supporting these organizations, we can do our part in helping our planet thrive!