Online Presence:  How it Impacts Business Relationships


Online Presence:  How it Impacts Business Relationships


By Miri Rossitto

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from a business associate.  She was a little alarmed.  After installing a social media app, she got a notification stating, “Miri is in your area.  Would you like to share your location with her?”  Mind you, I deleted this app from my phone and have not signed on in months—maybe even close to a year.  But for some unknown reason, the app still had my information and alerted my business associate.  Needless to say, the call ended with an apology and a reassurance that it was not me sending said request on the app.  That phone call triggered a couple of thoughts.  What if she had not called me directly and thought I was stalking her?  Can you imagine the impact it could have had on our business relationship?  How did that app still have my information even after being deleted off my phone?  

After doing a little digging, the answer to the last question is a bit more complex.  Can an app remain active after being deleted from your device?  The answer is no.  The app cannot gather current information or track your whereabouts once it is deleted from your device.  However, your data is still stored on the app developer’s server.  The stored data plays a part in reinstalling the app on your device or authenticating the device is yours—if lost or stolen.  Even if you delete it from your device, an app can still pull data from the back end.  The best practice is to go into the app, deactivate your account, clear app history (cache) from your phone (if it gives you that option), and then delete the app from your device.  Those extra steps will help save you from potentially embarrassing situations.

Your online presence and persona are vital to making connections, establishing relationships, and maintaining those relationships.  As a business owner, you need to put your time and effort in maintaining your online presence—its, after all, your first impression in the digital world and, as always, you want to make a positive, impactful, lasting impression.  Not only that, but it is also the medium for opportunities to connect with your audience and possible collaborators.  So, you want to keep it at its best.  Here are some tips on how to manage your online presence:

  • Maintain a list of all your social media accounts and apps.  It is important to keep tabs of what social media accounts you have.  A lot of business owners utilize different social media to promote businesses:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, YouTube.  This includes apps such as Venmo, Meetup, Zoom, and Discord.  Having a list of all your apps and social media accounts handy helps you keep track of what you have.  When you make a list, make sure you include your log in information so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.  If you have a website, include that on your list as well.  Make sure you include information on domain and host information for your website.
  • Review your apps and social media accounts regularly.  Make it a habit to review your apps and social media account on a regular basis.  Create categories.  Rank each account from most used to least.  Evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of each account to your business.  Identify the ones you don’t need and begin the process of eliminating them.


  • Deactivate and delete accounts as needed.  Once you identify the social media accounts and apps you no longer need, begin the process of deleting them.  Deactivate each account then delete them from your devices.  Once you finish that process, mark them as removed completely from your list.

Another thing you may consider is doing a search on your business and yourself on any search engine and see what comes up.  If there are accounts that do not pertain to you.  Do your research and get your name or your business removed from said account.

Incorporating audits into your routine is something you should consider.  At Cowe Communications, we offer brand and business audits.  Find out how we can help! Visit our website at