Mother Daughter Owned Businesses



Mother-Daughter Owned Businesses


Can you believe that Mother’s Day is just around the corner?  Where did the time go?  In celebration of this day, we decided to feature some mother and daughter owned businesses in the community.  The bond between a mother and a daughter is special indeed.  But working together to create successful businesses and organizations takes that relationship to a whole new level—in the best way possible! 

Photo by Greenwood Jams

Greenwood Jams

When the mother and daughter team of Julie Mooney and Margaret Greenwood launched their small business, jams were the obvious choice.  Julie grew up making jam with her dad and her daughter Margaret grew up making apple butter from the very same tree in their backyard.  The duo began selling Meyer lemon ginger marmalade at local fair in 2012. To do their part in addressing community food waste, they use, apart from the fruits in their backyard, surplus fruit for sale, sourcing as much fruit as possible from local farmers.  Over the years, mother and daughter connected and collaborated with local restaurants and vendors to sell their products.  They volunteer at local food banks to give back to the community that’s helped them grow. Visit their website or on social media @mgreenwoodjams 

Nimbus Coffee  

The mother-daughter duo of Shaw and Eviana Farrar are the owners of Nimbus Coffee, a coffee shop inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  Named after Nimbus, the broomstick gifted to Harry in the popular fiction series.  Located in Downtown L.A., the coffee shop opened its doors in June 2018, welcoming all wizards, witches, and, yes, muggles too. The coffee shops endless creativity sets it apart from all the others.  It’s a brilliant intersection of coffee, culture and magic. Visit their website or follow them on social media @nimbus_coffee_la.

Photo by Nimbus Coffee

Valley News Group

Since 1948, the Valley News Group has been serving the Greater San Fernando Valley, delivering local news, events, and happenings.  Comprising five community papers–Warner Center News, Valley Vantage, Calabasas Enterprise, Encino Enterprise and its latest addition, North Valley News, it is currently owned by Kathleen Sterling.   In January 2019, Kathleen’s daughter, Katie, who worked in television production while writing as an Entertainment Writer for Calabasas Enterprise, took over as editor for the Encino Enterprise.  This mother and daughter team frequently talk to each other everyday, not just about work but also their shared interests:  reading and books.   Kathleen enjoys working with her daughter, sharing:  “I am blessed to work with her.  She grew up around the newspaper business, and even created her own newsletter at the age of five.  We have a lot of fun working together.”

Photo by Cherokee and Suzi O’ Dea

Log Cabin Merchantile Co.

The Log Cabin Merchantile Co. was one of the first structures build in the Chatsworth community in the early 1900s.  It was originally built as a real estate office and general store for the early settlers of the Chatsworth Lake area.  Now owned by the mother-daughter team for more than 50 years, Suzi O’ Dea and Cherokee-Lar O’ Dea, this historic site is a community hub and store offering a diverse mix of items—from locally sourced coffee to iron artifacts, indoor and outdoor décor and antiques.  You’d be interested to know that Cherie Currie, lead singer of the Runaways with Joan Jett, started her chainsaw carving career here in the early 2000s. Suzi and Cherokee have hosted many local performances of different spoken work and musical artists.  Stop by and visit for some coffee at one of oldest structures in the West San Fernando Valley. Follow them on social media @lalogcabin. Follow and support these amazing mother and daughter owned businesses!  Happy Mother’s Day to all those we call mom!