Humanizing Your Brand


Humanizing Your Brand

In an age of choices upon choices and options upon options, you want people to choose you.    You want to stand out from the crowd.  Whether the goal is to sell your product, provide a service, or even just grow your audience, you need to build credibility and authenticity to draw consumers to you, your business or your service, and your brand.  It is not the easiest task, but neither is it an impossible challenge.

As a business owner, a service provider, or a creative, your brand needs to be able to reach your audience on a personal level to leave an impactful impression and a lasting relationship.  It becomes a question of how you form that connection.  In last week’s article, in research conducted in 2021 by Stackla, the AI-powered platform for global consumer brands, 88 percent of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support while 46 percent of consumers say they would pay more for brands they can trust.

To make those connections, to grow your business, and to gain loyal customers, humanizing your brand becomes integral to your process.  People respond to people—not automated marketing tactics, or robotic phone calls.  To humanize your brand, you need to identify what makes your brand unique and then infuse it with your style and personality.  You need to be consistent in your messaging as it aligns with your core values and goals as a brand.

Humanizing your brand involves engagement, transparency, authenticity, consistency, and acknowledging community.

ENGAGEMENT:  Interaction is key.  In engaging your audience, share relevant content that inspires and encourages questions and reactions.  Triggering conversations with your consumers is a great way of showing that you are paying attention to them and that you care about their thoughts.  You can even take it a step further and use your platform to highlight them when relevant.  It encourages them to share their stories and experiences as it relates to your brand.

TRANSPARENCY:  Behind every journey, company name, or passion project is a story.  Sharing your story of how your brand came to be makes you likable.  It makes people want to keep on supporting you.  Tie your story with your mission and your values.  Share why you do what you do.  It will not only inspire your audience, but it will also have them rooting for your success and create those lasting relationships.  This is also a great way to showcase your team—what they do and how they work with your brand.

AUTHENTICITY:  Polonius in Hamlet had it right: “To Thine own self be true.”  As clichéd as it sounds, be yourself.  Opening up to your audience, connects them to your brand.  Be willing to share the ups and the downs with them.  Take your audience behind the scenes and show them the people behind the brand.  Showing a vulnerability in a way that still speaks for and supports your brand deepens the connection.  

CONSISTENCY:  To establish credibility, you must be consistent, not just in the services you provide or your product but in terms of your messaging.  The story that you share needs to be consistent with your brand’s core values and vision.  Your engagement with your audience must be consistent.  When people know what to expect from your brand, they will trust said brand more.

ACKNOWLEDGING COMMUNITY:  In showing your brand, involve your community.  Thank the people who support you, especially those who have been there since day one.  Collaborate with your local community.  Reach out, give back, and support others who are starting their own journey.  By showing your appreciation and your willingness to grow and support those around you, it makes your audience feel like they are part of your journey and are invested in your success.

Humanizing your brand is about making connections, building trust, and having a lasting relationship with your audience and your community.