Finding Qualified Employees


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As we already know, employee satisfaction is the most important chain-link in any small business. But how do you find employees that are sufficiently motivated and qualified to be molded into the leaders you want them to be? Despite promising end-of-summer trends for small business owners, “a record 27 percent of small business owners surveyed cited the difficulty of finding qualified workers as their single most important business problem.” Even Google knows what’s up, suggesting the query “how to find quality employees” before you get halfway through typing your request. 

We are here to help! As you have seen on our Instagram stories and Facebook updates, we at Cowe Consulting love our colleagues – we love each other, we uplift each other, and we respect each other. This is what makes us strong.


First Sight Attraction


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Start off strong to catch job-seekers’ eye and convince passers-by they want to work for you! Use professional, on-brand social media and LinkedIn graphics to announce “we’re hiring!” Once the bait is set, follow through with personable vacancy descriptions that don’t only describe the job and the help you’re looking for, but also the benefits of working in this particular job and at your business. This could be as simple as touting your positive working environment or providing extra days off.

To get your vacancy announcement seen, choose your platform wisely: there are plenty of free job-posting services online that are professional and accessible. Consider, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Facebook and instagram could work too, depending on your type of business and social media following. Also don’t discount vocational schools or community colleges, which often have plenty of fresh-faced, dedicated, and qualified students ready to enter the job market.


Job Appeal


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Once your candidates are interested in YOU, keep them that way by making the application process as user-friendly and streamlined as possible. Set up an email to receive applicants’ resumes with an auto-response confirmation. Or, use an online platform ( and SurveyMonkey are free!) to ask pre-screening questions, confirm availability, and allow applicants to easily upload their resume and cover letter. This way you can also include a question about how they found the vacancy and adjust your strategy for future job announcements.

The next step is asking the right questions during the interview. This is not just to verify candidates’ qualifications and expertise, but to make sure they will be a hire who wants to stay. Consider asking them what drew them to your business or what they are seeking in a job and in their career. Invite them to ask questions too. Strike the balance between being professional and personable. If you are relaxed and welcoming during the interview, you will get a better sense of the candidate’s personality — after all, you have to want to work with this person on a daily basis.

If you do like them, don’t be afraid to work with them on salary requirements and other benefits. If your business is retail or service-based, offer discounts on products. Flexible working hours, living wages, and health care are also game-changers when potential hires are exploring their options. You have to win them over as much as they have to win you! And don’t forget to let the unsuccessful candidates down nicely — there may be an opportunity for them in the future.


Keeping Them Happy


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Remember that your employees are your greatest business asset. They are the face of your business and hold a lot of power and stakes in its success. Just as your time is valuable, so is theirs. Let the time you spend be mutually beneficial; they are providing you a service not just in exchange for payment, but also for career advancement, new skills, and personal fulfillment. Employers need to give employees a reason to want to spend their time at your organization. Give them some of your time or expertise. This will encourage them to do their best because they respect you and believe in your company.


It’s always worth checking in with yourself and your employees to make sure each of you are doing your best. Ask for anonymous feedback or verbally check in with your employees every so often. Reputation is a real thing — if you succeed in bringing in good employees now, and they want to stick around, word will get around that your business is worth it, and others will want to join your crew. By dedicating a little extra time and energy to both your employee search and your employees, you empower your own and increase your long-term hiring success.

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