Female Invest - an EdTech platform by women, for women



Female Invest – an EdTech platform by women, for women


When Camilla Falkenberg, Emma-Due Bitz, and Anna-Sophie Hartvisgen met in 2017 at the Copenhagen Business School, they had a shared passion for investing, and shared experiences of struggling to access the necessary information to get started.  All three decided to turn their passion into a business, benefiting other women who had the same questions as they did about investments.

In 2019, the three women became business partners and launched Female Invest, an EdTech company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the goal of creating a space for women to learn and talk about money and investing.  Their subscription based social e-learning platform, designed to be comprehensive and easily used by anyone regardless of their background, offers courses, articles, live webinars, and resources to help its members be confident in investing.  Subscribers to the platform come from diverse professional backgrounds with ages ranging between 15 to 75.

All three co-founders were included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2020.  In the same year, their company was the winner of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, the world’s largest startup competition.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Falkenberg states that their mission is not just to teach women to be better investors but also empowering them to take control of their financial future: “It’s not about helping more women get money, it’s about giving them financial independence and freedom.  That’s really what it is all about.  Most of these issues are systemic and won’t be solved in our lifetime.  But what women can do today is begin investing.”

With members across 67 countries and a growing online community of over 150,000 women, Female Invest addresses the gender investment gap through access to knowledge, inclusiveness, and empowerment. 

Last year, they launched a global campaign called #BeatTheGap, gathering women worldwide and raising awareness about the financial gender gap.  The one-minute film brings together more than 60 women ambassadors of the brand from six different continents in a powerful display, ending with a reference from a famous scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street and the words: “The stock market doesn’t care about gender.  Let’s #BeatTheGap.”

Scarlett Curtis, an ambassador for the campaign and author of bestselling books Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and other lies and It’s Not Okay to Feel Blue and other lies, shares in an interview with Fintech and Finance News, “Throughout history, women have been systematically excluded from the world of investment and this presentation of finance being a “bros only” space has left so many of us feeling intimidated and terrified by the mere mention of a stock. I am endlessly inspired by the work Female Invest is doing to smash the glass ceiling of the investment world and create a space where everyone feels welcome.”

For more information on Female Invest, visit their website or enroll in their program.  Access and subscription to their platform is $13/month.