Earth Day 2021 - Restore Our Earth

Earth Day 2021 – Restore Our Earth

Over the past year, we have witnessed how climate change and the degradation of our natural systems have broken our global economy. Starting today and every day moving forward, it is our job to Restore Our Earth – the theme of #EarthDay 2021. Let’s review this five-pronged approach to rehabilitating and nurturing our home, because a healthy planet is not an option – it is a necessity!

The Canopy Project

The first pillar of the Restore Our Earth initiative is known as The Canopy Project. Already responsible for planting tens of millions of trees worldwide, The Canopy Project works to rehab some of the world’s communities that are most at-risk from climate change destruction. Their mission is made possible by donations, $1 for every tree.

Foodprints for the Future

The second Restore Our Earth pillar is called Foodprints for the Future. This campaign focuses on building awareness around the environmental impacts associated with the growing, producing, transporting, and storing of our food. Check out the different ways you can make an impact while still enjoying the food you love.

The Great Global Cleanup

The Great Global Cleanup is the third pillar of the Restore Our Earth campaign. Whether it be in a group or by yourself, picking up any amount of litter can make a huge impact! Join in on the new plogging trend – next time you’re out jogging, pick up some trash along the way!

Climate & Environmental Literacy

Fifty years ago the first Earth Day ignited an environmental revolution that is still roaring today. This year, @EarthDayNetwork is adding to the buzz with the Climate & Environmental Literacy campaign. Together, through this initiative, we can ensure students across the globe become informed and engaged environmental stewards. To help promote climate literacy, sign the petition at

Global Earth Challenge

The final component of the Restore Our Earth initiative is called the Global Earth Challenge™. This brand new app-based campaign is a citizen science project. This means it requires help from individuals all over the world to log findings on a central database (mobile app) for scientists to access and study anywhere at any time. This year’s main focus is to understand how insect populations like bees are changing. To join the cause, download the “Earth Challenge 2020” app and enter data on the bees in your area or other environmental concerns being studied.

Whether you spent the last year plus enjoying time at home or being out in nature as often as you could, it is time to get involved. Let’s make an actual difference this year in helping heal our home. For a list of 51 actions that can be done year-round to help combat climate change, visit