Warren Zevon once wrote,

“ We love to buy books because we believe

we’re buying the time to read them.”

That pretty much sums up 2019 for me. I happily bought dozens of wonderful books filled with lessons about leadership, life and love. How many did I finish you ask? Let’s just say I couldn’t buy enough time. Sadly, most are still eagerly waiting to share their secrets with me. I really do intend to read all the books but if 2020 looks anything like 2019, I’m going to need to evaluate how I spend my greatest resource.

In amazing and humbling news, Cowe Consulting grew a LOT this year. Our team was lucky to grow with the fantastic addition of Keyla Asuncion, our Community Development Director. Her impact is already tremendous, and we can’t wait to see her accomplishments still to come. Our office literally expanded too! We moved into a larger office space that has beautiful views of Ventura Blvd. As a kid I used to drive Ventura Blvd at night and marvel at all of the magically lit shops, stores and offices along the way. I yearned to have a space of my own and now here we are. Dreams DO come true you guys!! If you find yourself wandering around Woodland Hills, stop in for a coffee and a chat. We’d love to show you around and solve any problems you might have.

Speaking of problem solving, our client list grew this year as well. Nicola and I love to find solutions for businesses all over the world and we often pinch ourselves that we get to do this for a living. This year we added a few financial institutions, multiple restaurants, a politician, dozens of small businesses owners and entrepreneurs as well as a global radio platform. Our days are never the same and never boring!

For 2020 we are truly thrilled to be introducing our newest offering

Business Bootcamp by Cowe Consulting!

We are extremely excited to present this dynamic program that will undoubtedly take your business to the next level. This unique experience will give participants the opportunity to learn winning strategies and solutions tailored specifically for your business. In six fun and fabulous weeks, you will learn about business planning, marketing strategy, personality tests and types, branding, social media marketing and so much more! This deep dive will transform you, your business and possibly your whole life!!

Seating is VERY limited so that all business bootcamp participants are provided an extraordinary experience and transformation.

Feel free to share this newsletter with anyone in business. As the year progresses, we will be adding workshops, panels and reigniting our speaker series, the Speaker Salon. Follow us on social media so that you can be among the first know what happening in the Cowe Community because we have so many exciting educational and inspirational moments coming your way.

Lastly, Thank YOU. Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm and your time. Nicola and I do not take that for granted and we can’t wait to make your 2020 spectacular.

On behalf of the entire team at Cowe Consulting,
I wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!


Miri Rossitto | Founder and CEO