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Marketing Strategy




There are approximately 32.5 million businesses in the United States today. No matter your industry, size or specialty, the likelihood is that you have some serious competition and quite a few barriers between you and your target market. At Cowe Communications, we help you stand out from the enormous crowd as well as to remove stressful barriers that cost time and money. How do you ask? Our expert team designs spectacular strategies specifically tailored to your business’s unique needs that, when properly executed, result in reaching new levels of success.


Business Planning

  • Executive Summary and Outline
  • Product and/or Service Description
  • Company Management Structure and Overview
  • Market Analysis / Competitive Comparison
  • Sales Strategies
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Projections and Charts

Marketing Plan

  • Brand Overview
  • Mission, Vision and Value Proposition Statements
  • Market Analysis / Target Markets
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Pricing and Positioning
  • Goals and Objectives

Strategic Partnerships

  • Brand Expansion
  • Sales Strategy Development and Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Relations
Two types of clients seeking to develop business and marketing strategies:

Proactive Clients

Their objective is to do their homework beforehand. Mostly startups and entrepreneurs, proactive clients are working with a mostly clean slate. A business plan is going to serve as more of a cloudy crystal ball and will largely consist of scenarios and financial forecasting that is based on businesses with similar scenarios. Proactive clients look to the Cowe Communications team to create a reliable roadmap that will give them insights into what opportunities lay before them as well as what devastating gaps exist that they potentially missed in their original renderings.

Reactive Clients

These tend to be existing companies and organizations that are seeking a refresh or they are in crisis and drastic change needs to take place. In these cases, business plans and marketing plans have existing data to work from. This allows for a far more exhaustive and detailed deep dive that can result in an expanded and comprehensive plan. Unlike proactive clients, time is of the essence for reactive clients because time is money. Therefore, reactive clients need Cowe Communications to be expedient, thorough and solutions based on their findings.

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Business & Marketing Strategy

Cowe Communication’s expertise has been invaluable to me as my company navigates a brand overhaul. Miri and Nicola are focused and driven professionals intent on delivering the highest quality content and their dynamic team is as equally talented. Cowe Consulting is the real deal.

Brad Rosenheim