Branding Basics Business Checklist


Branding Basics Checklist


When it comes to building a successful brand, it is imperative to have clear, consistent guidelines that provide a cohesive and focused voice. This is applicable whether you are an established business, brand new startup, large conglomerate or a small mom and pop shop. Do you have all the pieces that make up your brand puzzle? We’ve put together a Branding Basics Checklist to put you to the test!


  • Strong Logo 

    • Simple, bold & recognizable
    • Multiple versions for different colored backgrounds
    • Various size and layout options
    • Guidelines for how and when to use each logo
  • Color Theme

    • Have 2 to 4 colors that are used consistently 
    • Include the color codes on the guidelines
  • Font Style(s)

    • Have up to three font styles, include preference for print and digital 
  • Files saved in all formats

    • Preferably vector or PNG
      • NEVER JPEG
    • Printed adverts may require PDF
    • Clear & concise mission statement
    • A summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual
    • A statement that all employees and partners can subscribe to
    • What are your value propositions? What makes your product or service attractive to customers and what pain do you solve?
  • Up to date, contemporary, mobile friendly website

    • Easy to find & navigate
    • Clearly explains what you do & how to contact you
    • Actively calls people to make an action
  • Targeted Social Media

    • Make sure you are on the right platform for your type of business
    • Utilize a consistent, streamlined planning & posting procedure
    • Follow trends and read articles to know the best practices and tips

Well, how does your puzzle look? Need some help completing the picture?
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