Awkward Coffee

Awkward Coffee

There’s a new coffee shop in Chatsworth, located along Devonshire St. across from the historical valley monument, The Munch Box.  Meet Awkward Coffee, a pop-punk era themed coffee shop, owned and operated by three amazing women:  Marissa Aversa, her wife Grace Aversa, and their friend, Jessica Owens, who opened their doors on May 15, 2022.

Los Angeles native, Grace, the mastermind behind the concept, wanted to combine what she loves:  a deep passion for pop/punk music, and helping people.  She wanted to start a business where people who struggle with isolation could gather and reconnect with others.  Working as a full-time EMT, she knew she couldn’t do it alone.  So, she enlisted Marissa’s help with her project.  Marissa began working on a business plan and set everything in motion.  The couple called on their friend, Jessica, an established business owner with a love for coffee and art.  And the rest was history.

“My wife and I were in the mental health world, and we know how people can go around struggling with isolation, especially during this pandemic.  Because both of us knew that struggle and both of us came out through the other side, we wanted to give back and provide a space where people can have conversations and not feel so disconnected.  What could be better than coffee and phenomenal conversations?  Or even just conversations,” said Marissa about their vision for the coffee shop.

Everything in the shop was designed and made by this amazing trio who wanted to make the coffee experience different.  From the nice, open concept to the coffee they serve, they wanted to make people feel that their coffee is not just a product but an experience.

“You want to get punched in the face with your coffee,” laughs Marissa as she discusses their coffee process.  “We wanted the coffee shop to be coffee focused.  Jessica and I are both from New Jersey where it’s all about the coffee. We wanted to bring that experience in the middle; a sort of East Coast meets West Coast experience.  Our smallest coffee contains a double shot, and our large coffees have quad shots in them.”  Their signature blend is from a local roaster, Yo! Zooma, who source their beans from Fair Trade global coffee collectives and donate their profits to supporting dog rescues and shelters.

Marissa and the team wanted to make sure their coffee shop experience was inclusive.   From no extra charges to milk alternatives to the size of the seats to the environment, they want everyone to walk through the doors and feel welcome.  

Awkward Coffee 2

“Awkward Coffee was created to give people a place to be themselves, while enjoying a great cup of coffee.,” states their website.

Stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee, and have a conversation or two.  There are a variety of coffee and tea drinks to choose from.  Some returning customers have already named All Time Low “tte” and In Too Steep “Cold Brew” as some of their favorites. Keep up with them in instagram @awkwardcoffee_LA!