5 Ways to Empower People using Personal Training

Empowerment  noun
em·pow·er·ment | \ im-ˈpau̇(-ə)r-mənt
Definition (via Merriam-Webster) : the act or action of empowering someone or something : the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties

Personal Trainer Assisting client

Successful personal trainers do so much more than just shape bodies. They shape and transform lives. They give the gift of confidence. They teach life lessons about consistency, tenacity and belief in oneself. Fitness professionals quite literally show their clients that there is an art to being uncomfortable and that with dedication and hard work, enormous rewards are to be had.

Experience is everything. Prosperous fitness trainers make this their mantra and their business practices and processes focus on making the most of their time with their clients. It takes patience and skill to empower clients but there is no finer feeling than showing an eager client how to tap into their full potential. We have compiled a list for you here that will not only grow your business but it will also lead to deeper, more fulfilling and longer relationships.

1. Organization is critical to everyone’s success.

As a trainer, it is imperative that you are three steps ahead of everyone. This means that you have consistent processes for everything from onboarding new clients to equipment maintenance to billing practices to a customized exercise program. It is also important that you keep your clients organized. This means that you should help them schedule all of their sessions into their phone, encourage them to keep a progress diary and, is they are comfortable, share to social media! Organization is empowering for everyone!!

A Successful Business is an Organized Business

2. Support their interests.

Share relevant articles, posts and videos that apply specifically to your client. Are they on a specific weight loss diet? Find delicious recipes that they will like. Do they love yoga? Show them great gear that is new to the market. If you show interest in what is important to them, the impact will last a lifetime.

3. Friends encourage and support friends.

This means that you will be that much more successful if you can get your clients’ friends on board as well. Create group training sessions when possible for your clients’ friends and family! This is a great referral source and your client is more apt to be even more engaged when their support circle is large and familiar.

Personal trainer motivating client

4. Communication = Motivation.

Don’t just talk to your clients about what they want out of training. Talk to them about why they want those things. Do they want a better physique because they are insecure about their body? Are they focused on fat loss? Are they pushing strength training because they are anxious about getting older? Work on finding out the real reasons that they want to work with you and then use that information as motivation! Set milestones, help them achieve their goals, communicate the whole way through and rejoice every time that they hit their mark.

5. Assign homework!

Assigning homework is the perfect way to keep clients motivated between sessions. Many clients are only with you a few times a week and this is a perfect opportunity to motivate them when you aren’t even there. Show them that they are capable of pushing themselves on their own and when they come back to you having completed their “homework” successfully, they will be grateful to you for holding them accountable.

Personal trainers are uniquely positioned to build a business that not only makes them a great living but also helps so many people live their best lives. Using these 5 empowerment techniques, passionate personal trainers now have the tools to maintain meaningful, long- term relationships and enough referrals to never have to seek out new clients again!

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