20 Business Boosting Tips for 2020


2020 Business Boosting Tips from Cowe Consulting


  1. DELEGATE! If you do one thing this year, let it be to delegate time sucking tasks that don’t align with your strengths.
  2. Discover your strengths. Take some time to analyze what you do best and then find ways to do more of exactly just that.
  3. Consider how people are first introduced to your business. Is it a pleasant experience? Is it a terrible experience? You really need to know.
  4. Build a better database. Your business intelligence is only as good as the data you input. Make this the year that your information actually makes sense.
  5. Freshen up your website. What is your call-to-action? Where are you funneling visitors? Does the site resolve properly on mobile?
  6. Focus on other people’s social media. Like, comment and engage with pages that align with your brand. We promise – this will be a win for you over time.
  7. Check that your business information is updated and correct across all possible platforms. Consistency counts for a lot when it comes to success.
  8. Network somewhere new. Get outside of your comfort zone even if it means traveling far away from home. New people = new opportunities.
  9. Reconsider your target audience. Has your business shifted and changed over the years? Your client base might have too. Do some profile development.
  10. Try out some new technology. Play with some new website plugins, calendar apps or maybe even an SEO booster. Have some fun!
  11. Set some goals. Make them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Then find a family member, friend or business coach to hold you accountable.
  12. Record videos. Don’t focus on production value or how your hair looks. Connect with your audience and tell some stories. Your audience will grow.
  13. Once you get comfortable with recording videos, really step outside of your comfort zone and go LIVE! The adrenaline alone will transform your day.
  14. Take some time out to recognize and connect with your employees. One breakfast or lunch can give both parties a completely new perspective.
  15. FOLLOW UP. You work really hard to make a great impression and then to deliver a grand experience. Don’t end there! Always, always, always follow up.
  16. Inspect your spending. Take the time to personally check where every penny went over the last 90 days. I bet you discover some things you didn’t know.
  17. Invest in some professional graphic design. Don’t get me wrong, Canva is a great tool. But it is time you showed some brand love to your business?
  18. Your family and friends see you working hard and they support you all the way. Play hooky once in a while and invest some time into them. They need it.
  19. Self care is non negotiable. Sign up for a meditation class, hike with a group or get a pen pal. Do whatever it takes to give your brain some time off.
  20. Go make some mistakes! The only way to grow and thrive in business is to make a LOT of mistakes. This is the year that you are going to succeed!